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Professional Cleaning Services

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Natural Stone Cleaning

Marble, Traventine, Granite, & More!


Have your stone surfaces become worn, scratched, soiled or stained? Have chips, cracks and holes become evident. Has it lost its shine?

It’s most likely passed the point of general maintenance and needs professional refinishing.

Please call us! We can help!

We can restore surfaces back to their original factory finish and in most cases even better. We can change the finishes from polished to honed or honed to polished. We can custom finish stone surfaces to your specifications.

Countertops/ Granite can be the largest surface in your kitchen or bath. A surface you purchased for its beauty and ease of maintenance. In most cases this is true, however because each granite is different, performance can vary. Darker colors will be denser and therefore less porous requiring little or no sealing. Common issues can be chips around edges and mineral deposits around the faucets that can be corrected and repaired.

Staining is another issue that in many cases can be effectively corrected using poulticing techniques.

Older granite can dull overtime in heavily used areas. In many cases it can just be a buildup of cleaning products used on a daily basis causing the stone to dull. Some cleaners can contain waxes and sealers that make your countertops look good temporarily or until they dry.

These surfaces need a good detail cleaning from time to time to get them back in tiptop condition. If your surfaces have dulled, we have the experience to re-polish them. 

Zachary Carpet Care has the ability & equipment to handle granite restoration at any level.

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